Problem 🤔  

At DePalma Studios, I led large scale product re-design and design for one of the country’s leading river transportation companies. The client had multiple applications in use for managing their fleet and boat captains were required to use them while on route. Users needed a central transportation management system where they would have better communication, easier order planning capabilities, more robust information, and real-time updates – all while driving a boat and pushing 200 feet of barges.


Solution 💃  

First, a robust user research study was required. I travelled to four on-site locations where I boarded multiple types of boats and interviewed roughly 15 captains, coordinators, dispatchers, and customer services providers. After digesting my research, I begin creating workflows that provided solutions for many of the problem areas I discovered, including the need for a “night-mode” version of the application. Soon, the central transportation management system was coming together.


Process & Responsibilities ✍️

  1. Research existing systems and their shortcomings

  2. Conduct user interviews in four states with multiple users and personas

  3. Create personas and empathy maps based on findings

  4. Diagram workflows for each persona to complete tasks in the new system

  5. Create high-fidelity wireframes for multiple personas

  6. Design UI for both “day” and “night-mode”

  7. Present solutions to future users in large setting of 40+ people

  8. Lead hand-off meeting with client and stakeholders


Personas & Empathy Maps 🧠


Wireframes  📲


Design 🎉