Problem πŸ€”

Managing a fleet of healthcare workers in the field for many companies can be a gruesome task. Often, wasted downtime and poor planning plague the day-to-day tasks and lead to lost money and, in this case, less than acceptable levels of care for those that are most vulnerable. For Health: ELT's clients, a central place to see visits needing completion, receive notifications of worker progress, manage member profiles, and schedule visits efficiently was vital. This dashboard needed flexibility, detail, and a simple interface.


Solution πŸ’ƒ

The Coord Web Dashboard integrated real-time location updates, member data and assessment needs, geo-location based scheduling and re-scheduling abilities, and more. Simple enough to work on any current browser and complex enough to handle the daily tasks of any in-office administrator or manager.


Process ✍️

  1. Research geo-location based scheduling technology and determine specific business goals of clients

  2. Plan with CTO and CEO on specific technological restraints, API's, and specifications

  3. Sketch basic layout and determine major features

  4. Create high-fidelity wireframes of the Coord Web Dashboard in it entirety, including step-by-step scheduling abilities, notifications, various β€œwhat if” scenarios, blank states, and error dialogues

  5. Write requirements based on wireframes to prepare for developer hand-of

  6. Lead hand-off meeting with Visual Design and Developers

  7. Act as product liaison during development and subsequent steps to ensure design integrity.

  8. QA, test, and report functional and design-related bugs


Wireframes πŸ“²


Design πŸŽ‰