Problem 🤔  

Information about Medicaid members is often complicated, messy, and difficult to navigate. For Health: ELT’s clients, having a simple interface for viewing and editing basic contact information, health data, and assessments was a much-needed and daunting task. The profiles must integrate with existing EMR’s and databases, as well as populate from mobile assessment tools in our product suite. And finally, the profile must be able to grow – future clients and future needs will need to be incorporated into this profile, so room for growth was pertinent.

Solution 💃  

The Member Profile was born. A simple interface, akin to a social media profile, was built to focus on the most important information first and always. Following the quick-glance portion was an expandable tabbed section to access additional areas of information pertaining to the member.


Process & Responsibilities ✍️

  1. Research existing systems and their shortcomings

  2. Compile all needed fields and information points and determine priority and their entry method

  3. Sketch initial concepts and brainstorm with Creative Director and CTO for additional capabilities and caveats

  4. Create high-fidelity wireframes for Member Profile in it’s entirety, including step-by-step editing abilities, various “what if” scenarios, blank states, and error dialogues

  5. Write requirements based on wireframes to prepare for developer hand-off

  6. Lead hand-off meeting with Visual Design and Developers

  7. Act as product liaison during development and subsequent steps to ensure design integrity is upheld

  8. QA, test, and report functional and design-related bugs


Wireframes  📲


Design 🎉