Problem 🤔

A large financial burden on Health Plans servicing Medicaid populations are unhealthy pregnancies – sometimes costing $1M+ per birth and a potentially unhealthy life. Plans needed an app that engages the population most commonly contributing to this problem and encourages them to take an active role in their pregnancy, attend doctor visits, and have healthier babies.

Solution 💃

Gamefying health. In collaboration with stakeholders, I helped build the framework for an app that incentivizes making healthy choices during pregnancy. Users could gain currency by watching videos, reading books and articles, and connecting with other pregnant mothers. Features include messaging to health plan, appointment scheduling, currency redemption, and weekly earning opportunities.


Process ✍️

  1. Research apps and games catering toward young women using digital currencies

  2. Collaborate with stakeholders about business goals and customization points

  3. Sketch initial concepts for general flow and features

  4. Create high-fidelity wireframes of individual screens and user flows

  5. Lead meeting with stakeholders to review wireframes


Wireframes 📲


Design 🎉

healthmoms mock 2.png