UX Design Projects



Healthcare Profile

At Health: ELT, my role in product design spanned from ideation to QA. As Lead UX Designer, I began projects like the Healthcare Profile in meetings with stakeholders and superiors to determine key features and general concepts. Next, I began my design process: research, rough sketches, digital wireframes, and user stories.

Once the features were ready, I led meetings with design team, developers, and management to initiate next steps. During visual design and development, I acted as project liaison to advocate on behalf of the design team and answer an questions from developers. After development, I led the QA efforts for the feature and continued updates when necessary.



Healthy Moms App

This project was started as an effort to advocate for healthy pregnancies. On behalf of an undisclosed company, I worked with stakeholders to discuss needs for this mobile app and how we could utilize an incentivized approach to having a healthy pregnancy. I conducted research on mobile currencies in games, created rough sketches, made digital wireframes, user stories, and an interactive prototype.


geospatial mock.jpg

Real-Time Geospatial Scheduler

Another project at Health: ELT, the Real-time Geospatial Scheduler, was an enormous project in which I led design efforts. Beginning in meetings with stakeholders and superiors to determine key features and general concepts and moving into design. Throughout my tenure this part of our product saw well over 200 wireframes for various clients and features. My primary roles in its creation included research, rough sketches, digital wireframes, and user stories, project management, QA, and user interviews.

assessmentapp mock.jpg

Assessment App

At Health ELT, a primary portion of our product suite consisted of a mobile solution for nurses to view their daily appointments, navigate to the job address, and complete assessments. As Lead UX Designer, I produced all wireframes and interaction design, documented the project requirements, collaborated with visual designers on final comps, advocated for the design team throughout development, and performed quality assessment post-development.